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Porch Chair

At very long last it’s warm enough to sit on the front porch for the first time this spring. By this point, I’m desperate to feel the sun on my skin. I have one lone teak chair already out there, standing like a hopeful sentry. I pad out onto the wooden boards in my socks, settle in, and crack open the Sunday paper. A gulp of my coffee is especially satisfying.

It takes me a while to start reading because I am so busy looking at the progress of all things green. I watch the breeze pick up as it moves through some branches. My whole body heaves a sigh of relief.

Pear Tree and Forsythia

The white flowers on the pear tree are starting to bloom; It looks like the purple grape hyacinth I’d forgotten are coming back around its base. The contrasting colors of white and purple are so delicate. The morning light casts an interesting shadow behind the tree. 

After a while, I abandon my folding chair perch so that I can finish cleaning up the front garden. The wind has really kicked up now anyway. The magazine pages are flapping in rapid succession, in a swoosh it takes off, causing me to chase it across the porch as it hiccups away. I suit up in my trusty knee pads, brushing off the dirt from last year.

I start to apply various top dressings. The peonies get some bone meal, the hydrangea some super phosphate, and the day lilies some granular special sauce that a local nursery swears by. It looks like the daffodils did naturalize and the squirrels only made off with a few tulips. I can see the tops of the hyacinth I planted for the first time…I’ll just have to wait a week or so longer.

Apricot Beauty Tulips and Dutch Hyacinth

Suddenly—everything is blooming.  The Apricot Beauty tulips are stunning next to the robust blue hyacinths. And they smell heavenly, I hadn’t realized how deliciously fragrant the hyacinth would be. The translucent lime green of the early leaves is emerging. This ephemeral pale green knocks me out every time. The small juniper flowers are marching across the garden bed to meet up with the daffodils.

Juniper, Daffodils, and Angelique Tulips

My neighbor and her little dog with the hoppity gait have started their morning walk. The lady with the long determined stride is returning with her bag of pastry. The nice retired couple in the house behind me has come back and said hello over the fence.

Spring is here.

Daffodils and Juniper


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